Avalon Yoga
Class Schedule


Select any day on the calendar below to see classes scheduled that day. If the day you’ve chosen doesn’t show any classes, this usually means that we’re  working on the schedule, not that no classes are scheduled that day. Signing up for classes early isn’t normally needed, but if you want to reserve space in any class you can do so up to two days in advance.

Click the SIGN UP button in the class listing to reserve space in such a class. A missing SIGN UP button means either that the class is full or is over two days in the future & isn’t open yet for reservations. In most cases you can pay for classes either online or in the Studio, at your option. If you have any problem with the online system, come to the studio a bit early & we’ll help sort things out!

Credit for Unused Classes Bought just Before or during the pandemic

Clients who bought packs from Dec. 2019 until our old site closed in 2022 can claim credit if they want for unused classes in those packs. That credit can be applied to any yoga services offered in our new Studio the rest of 2022. Please ask about this option at the Studio, since there is no way to calculate such credit online.