Pricing & Packages

Time-Based Memberships 

1. One-Year Unlimited Memberships — $1450 (less than $4/day!)

2.  Monthly w/Autopay — No Contract! $145/Mo (less than $5/day!)

Monthly auto-pays are meant for long-term local clients only. They can be cancelled at any time, but if cancelled normally cannot be repurchased. Whatever the current price, the price you originally signed up for is locked in so-long as your account remains active.

3. Monthly memberships without auto-pay — $190.


Heavily Discounted Class Packages!

Avalon packages never expire, unlike those at nearly all other yoga studios and gyms, which normally expire within six months or less. Avalon packages even from many years back will be honored so long as the Studio is open for business.

Because they will never expire, and are sold at large discounts, we don’t offer refunds on discounted packages. Unlike packages at other studios, however, they can be transferred to friends or family.

Class Package Details

As of September 2016 the same heavily discounted package rates apply to all adults, regardless of age. (See at the end for the special additional discounts offered for kids and new clients.)

Discounted packages of 5-40 classes can be shared with family, co-workers, fellow students, and friends, which again departs from the policies typical of gyms and other yoga Studios.

Price per Class

Discount Off
Single Class Price

# of ClassesPrice
$13.2040% Off!40$528
$15.4030% Off!20$308
$16.5025% Off!10$165
$19.0014% Off5$95
$22.00Full Price1$22

Super-Saver Discounts Offered to Kids 7-17 Years of Age and All First Time Avalon Clients (Bay Area Residents Only)

1. Kids 7-17 years old — Half-price ($11) Always!

Do you look over 17 years old?  You’ll need a driver’s license or similar photo ID to get this super-saver price. You can buy any number of classes you want at this price!

2.  First Time Clients Get the Same 50% Off Rate (Area residents only)

Buy anything from one to 50 classes at half price ($11/class) on your first visit to Avalon. This is offered to Area Residents only, not outside visitors.