Meet One of Avalon’s Most Famous Teacher Graduates!

Here is a photo of one of Avalon’s best-known Teacher Training Program graduates — the world-famous French dancer and choreographer Arthur Cadre, who graduated from Avalon’s Teacher Training Program in the 27th Class.

Arthur’s leaps are extraordinary — like those of other world-class dancers — as illustrated in this photo taken on a class beach outing.

Even more impressive are the wildly creative yoga poses Arthur invented for our amusement at the same time:

Arthur Cadre: Taking Yoga to the Next Level! (Short Video)

And no, we didn’t teach Arthur the extreme poses seen at the end of that video in our Teacher Training Program. He made them up on the spot! We don’t know anyone else in the world who could perform them.

Yoga as we see it is for everyone: we graduate plenty of great teachers whose main interests in yoga are meditative, medical, and restorative, not athletic or aesthetic. Many of our students are from the medical and rehabilitation communities: We try to offer the best of all yoga worlds.

But we have also trained a number of world-class athletes and dancers like Arthur, and it is always a privilege to have them in class.

Less than a day after graduation Arthur flew off to perform in a major TV variety show in Italy — and in the next few months will do more European tours, then a long gig in Egypt, and then on to even bigger things still in the works.

Arthur sent us an email while flying off to Italy that we’ll always treasure:

“Thanks for helping me in my career, and for giving me the opportunity to grow as an artist….I am very proud to have graduated from Avalon Yoga International!”

Arthur is just getting started in the professional yoga world, and you’ll hear much more about him and dance, and yoga, and major world performances soon to be announced publicly in the near future….