Elena & Marie-Rose Workshop, Sat. 29 April!

Peace in Times of Chaos: A Workshop on Saturday 29 April, 1:30 – 4 pm, with Elena Milyukova and Marie-Rose Lehoux!

Take a popular trained athlete, dancer, and choreographer (and Avalon-trained yoga teacher) from a small Russian village.

Add a talented new Avalon graduate & classically trained musician and singer from a small French-speaking village in Quebec.

Put them together and what do you get?

Something quiet, something peaceful, maybe even a bit rustic — all redemptive qualities in times of chaos and uncertainty.

Think of the redemptive dream scenes in Bergman’s Wild Strawberries.

Elena and Marie-Rose write:

We’ll use a full set of yoga tools to explore both the inner and outer dimensions of peace. We’ll warm up and relax the body with some elegant yoga postures. We’ll train our minds to be quiet with breathing exercises. We’ll explore inner peace with deep meditation.

Then we’ll turn even further inwards with live music from harp and guitar and voice to explore memories and half-remembered dreams. 

We’ve tried to convince Elena for years to do a Workshop. Now she is finally doing it — and spectacularly, with one of Avalon’s most wonderfully talented recent graduates, who is already an experienced yoga teacher herself.

This isn’t a Workshop to miss!

You can register for Elena’s and Marie-Rose’s Workshop by dropping by or phoning us at 650-324-2517 with payment information, if we don’t have that on file. Tuition is $55.

If we already have it, you can save yourself or family or friends spots simply by emailing us at info@avalonyoga.com