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Meet One of Avalon’s Most Famous Teacher Graduates!

Here is a photo of one of Avalon’s best-known Teacher Training Program graduates — the world-famous French dancer and choreographer Arthur Cadre, who graduated from Avalon’s Teacher Training Program in the 27th Class.

Arthur’s leaps are extraordinary — like those of other world-class dancers … Continue reading

Avalon’s Teacher Training Cadaver Lab

Nearly five years ago we added a Human Anatomy & Dissection Lab to Avalon’s 200 hour University-Level Teacher Training Program — a first in similar Programs anywhere. The Lab is meant to accelerate yoga’s shift away from pre-scientific directions into a serious branch … Continue reading

Corporate Yoga & Wellness — & Private Events

Avalon now offers new options for those interested in Corporate Yoga & Wellness Programs or Private Classes & Events — held either in one of Avalon’s two on-site Studios or at off-site locations.

Call us at 650-324-2517 or email us here to discuss any Programs that you … Continue reading

Yoga’s Protective Effects on the Aging Brain

Papers from major research groups on the medical benefits of yoga have continued to appear at accelerated rates over the last two years.

We track these papers daily and often pass them every term on to our students in our Teacher Training Programs, which heavily … Continue reading

On the Yoga Research Section of Our Webpages

For the past four years, we have tried to monitor the publication of every major medical or research paper linked to teaching yoga and related fields. The latter includes medical nutrition, reflecting the fact that yogic traditions in all periods of history have included some nutritional … Continue reading