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Interviews continue for the 24th term of Avalon's Prestigious 200 hour Teacher Training Program. The Program is one of the only university-level & strictly science-based Programs in the world.

Click here for a Registration Interview. 
Note that we sell out early each term & have to turn qualified students away. (The Program starting 25 Oct. is already half filled.)

Click On the Links Below For Upcoming in Avalon's Grad Studio/Lab — Open to the Public & Teachers

The Programs preceded by asterisks (*) are Certificate Granting Programs that also fulfill all 3-year Yoga Alliance (YA) Continuing Education Requirements for YA Teachers.

Below: One of Brian Aganad's
Evening Classes in the Grad Studio

Avalon News (Thursday 21 August 2014)

Below: Brian Aganad, Avalon's Co-Director and head of postural training in Avalon's Teacher Training Program, warming up in our new Grad Studio. Brian's practice has few equals in the world.

Click on the picture for video and judge for yourself!

Below: Avalon's Last Teacher Training Graduating Class Salutes You!
Close-Knit, Super Accomplished, and Key to Avalon's Future

At Avalon All 'Community Classes'
Are 100% Free - No Strings Attached!

Community, from the Latin communis,
"Common, public, general, shared by all"

Sharing with the entire community is central to Avalon's values. We take the progressive humanistic goals of yoga seriously.

In line with those values, each week throughout the year we offer a wide
range of Free Classes to Cancer Patients and their families (two special classes each week), to Seniors and anyone recovering from injuries, to Kids age 7+, to Teenagers, and to the General Public - with no strings attached.

Our weekly free classes often draw 20+ students, and they  keep growing in size and getting better month after month.

Click here or on the thumbnail on the right for full information.

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All email addresses are kept private: we never share them with anyone else, for any reason, and use them ourselves sparingly.

Saturday Night at Avalon!

After the last class ends at 7:45 pm, we're always happy to keep Avalon's doors open on Saturday nights for free yoga practice, informal socializing, or anything else creative that anyone wants to do until the last person leaves.

We have a long series of FREE community events planned in that slot in 2014. When we don't have an event scheduled, we are always ready to donate our space for any event in that slot that reflects the progressive political, humanistic, and artistic values of the Studio.

Do you have a creative idea about how to use Avalon on Saturday nights? If you do, stop by and talk to us at the desk, or write us here.

These are the marks of a Yoga Hut as described by the Masters of Hatha [Yoga]: a small door, no windows, no rat holes; not too high, too low, or too long; well plastered with cow dung, clean, and bug free.... The Hathapradipika, ca. 1450 C.E.

The religion most appropriate to yoga is modern science. Anonymous.