Elena & Marie-Rose Workshop, Sat. 29 April!

Peace in Times of Chaos: A Workshop on Saturday 29 April, 1:30 - 4 pm, with Elena Milyukova and Marie-Rose Lehoux!

Take a popular trained athlete, dancer, and choreographer (and Avalon-trained yoga teacher) from a small Russian village.

Add a talented new Avalon graduate & classically trained musician and singer from a small French-speaking village in Quebec.

Put them together and what do you get?

Something quiet, something

Meet One of Avalon’s Most Famous Teacher Graduates!

Here is a photo of one of Avalon's best-known Teacher Training Program graduates — the world-famous French dancer and choreographer Arthur Cadre, who graduated from Avalon's Teacher Training Program in the 27th Class.

Arthur's leaps are extraordinary — like those of other world-class dancers — as illustrated in this photo taken on a class beach outing.

Even more impressive are the wildly creative

Avalon’s Teacher Training Cadaver Lab

Nearly five years ago we added a Human Anatomy & Dissection Lab to Avalon's 200 hour University-Level Teacher Training Program — a first in similar Programs anywhere. The Lab is meant to accelerate yoga's shift away from pre-scientific directions into a serious branch of behavioral medicine.

One of northern California's top Human Anatomy Labs runs technical sides of the classes, which are led by a professional anatomist with many decades of experience read more...

Science, Music, & Yoga: An Interview with a Top Evolutionary Biologist

Ulrich Kutschera (click for Wikipedia bio) is a leading evolutionary biologist who has published ten books and over 250 scientific articles, including major papers in Science, Nature, and other high-impact journals.

Ulrich is Chairman of the Dept. of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kassel, Germany, and a Visiting Scientist at Stanford.

Ulrich recently joined Palo Alto's Systems Biology Group,