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Just 8 Weeks Until Our Newest Teacher Training Program Begins!

Enrollment Interviews are at an advanced stage for the 24th term of Avalon's prestigious 200 hour Teacher Training Program.

The Program is one of the only  strictly hard-science and university-level  Yoga Teacher Training Programs in the world.

Click here or on the tumbnail poster on the left for full data.

The Program sells out early each term & is already half full. If you are ready to  Enroll, click here to schedule a Registration Interview.

Below: One of Avalon Co-Director Brian Aganad's
Evening Classes in Our New Grad Studio

We are open for all classes on Labor Day weekend,
as we are on all holiday weekends!

Avalon News (Monday 1 September 2014)

Click Below for Full Information on Three Other
Upcoming Avalon Events & Training Programs

A Unique Two-Day Workshop
with Max Strom! Designed Just for Avalon!

Friday - Saturday,
5-6 Sept., 7 - 9 pm

Advanced  Training with Brian Aganad - One of
World's Strongest Yogi-Athletes!

10 Weeks, Thurs.,
6:30 - 9 pm, Starts 11 Sept.

Restorative Teacher Training with Janya Wongsopa & Guest Specialists!

10 Weeks, Sat. 12:30 - 4:30, Starts 13 Sept. 

Below: Brian Aganad, Avalon's Co-Director and head of postural training in Avalon's Teacher Training Program, warming up in our new Grad Studio.  Brian's practice has few equals in the world.

Click on the picture for video and judge for yourself!

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The religion proper to yoga is modern science. Anonymous.

These are the marks of a Yoga Hut as described by the Masters of Hatha [Yoga]: a small door, no windows, no rat holes; not too high, too low, or too long; well plastered with cow dung, clean, and bug free.... The Hathapradipika, ca. 1450 C.E.