Ten Year Anniversary Workshop with Janya!

Saturday, 8 April, 1:30 – 4:00 pm. Replenish: A Restorative Workshop with Janya Wongsopa!

Early this April Janya Wongsopa — one of the Bay Area's most popular teachers — remarkably celebrates her 10th year teaching at Avalon.

It was exactly 10 years ago that Janya graduated from Avalon's Teacher Training Program. She began teaching almost as soon as she graduated — and her brilliance and popularity read more...

Meet One of Avalon’s Most Famous Teacher Graduates!

Here is a photo of one of Avalon's best-known Teacher Training Program graduates — the world-famous French dancer and choreographer Arthur Cadre, who graduated from Avalon's Teacher Training Program in the 27th Class.

Arthur's leaps are extraordinary — like those of other world-class dancers — as illustrated in this photo taken on a class beach outing.

Even more impressive are the wildly creative

Avalon’s Teacher Training Cadaver Lab

Nearly five years ago we added a Human Anatomy & Dissection Lab to Avalon's 200 hour University-Level Teacher Training Program — a first in similar Programs anywhere. The Lab is meant to accelerate yoga's shift away from pre-scientific directions into a serious branch of behavioral medicine.

One of northern California's top Human Anatomy Labs runs technical sides of the classes, which are led by a professional anatomist with many decades of experience read more...

Science, Music, & Yoga: An Interview with a Top Evolutionary Biologist

Ulrich Kutschera (click for Wikipedia bio) is a leading evolutionary biologist who has published ten books and over 250 scientific articles, including major papers in Science, Nature, and other high-impact journals.

Ulrich is Chairman of the Dept. of Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kassel, Germany, and a Visiting Scientist at Stanford.

Ulrich recently joined Palo Alto's Systems Biology Group,